Crazy Mobile Cooking Ideas From the Electrolux Competition

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Just what we needed dept.: a spinning bagel toaster! All images credit Electrolux

For the last nine years the big European appliance company, Electrolux, has run design competitions for industrial design students that have yielded remarkable results. Since we love designs that take up less space or are suitable for a more mobile style of living, this year the challenge was particularly exciting:

Electrolux Design Lab 2011 invites industrial design students and recent industrial design graduates (2010) to create home appliances that consider intelligent mobility. Your ideas will shape how people prepare and store food, clean and do their dishes, both within and beyond the home.

I have already admired David Stockton's ecowash (seeing it on Yanko and not realizing it was part of the Electrolux competition), and here are some of the other most interesting (and the silliest) entries.

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The silliest is the Salvé Bagel Toaster from Kent Madden of Canada's Carleton University (TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's alma mater).

The new portable bagel toaster is especially convenient for those who can't find time to eat breakfast in the morning. Place a bagel in the toaster and it will automatically start rotating. When happy with the color of the freshly toasted bagel, simply remove and enjoy. The toaster is very energy efficient being run on sugar crystal batteries or recharged on a ceramic dock using induction.

Really. It is joining our collection of uni-taskers like the wowbacon and the EZcracker.

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I do like Roseanne de Bruin's Smoobo.

The Smoobo blender is a fun and environmentally friendly way of making smoothies. Simply put all your favorite ingredients inside the rubber ball, shut the knob tightly and start bouncing it around. The bounce in itself activates the kinetic energy batteries that in turn make the rotor blades spin, resulting in a perfectly blended smoothie. The Smoobo surface is made of uneven rubber knobs that will make the bounce even more fun as you'll never know what direction the Smoobo will take.

I am not sure about those kinetic energy batteries though.

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This is clever. Whenever a cooling device removes heat, it has to dump it somewhere. François Hurtaud stores the heat from the cooling portion so that you can then use it to warm the food.

The WarmNCool is designed for the convenient storing and heating of food. Divided in to two sections, the bottom container of the WarmNCool works just like a fridge by keeping left overs from dinner cool in an airtight. Simultaneously, the top section stores the heat generated from the thermo-reaction of the refrigeration system. Next day, when you want to eat your leftover food, the containers are switched and the thermo-electric batteries act like a microwave that then heats the food as required. WarnNCool comes in several different colors and is of a size and weight that makes it easily transportable from home to the office and beyond.

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Here is one for a LifeEdited: a portable, transportable kitchen with everything you need, by Elizabeth Reuter of Purdue University.

This mobile kitchen kit is designed to contain everything you need to cook skillet meals, still taking up almost no space at all. The top lid is a cutting board and inside the container - that even be used as a make shift sink - is fitted a flexible induction cooking pad, strainer, spatula, wooden spoon, cutting knife, peeling knife, sauce pan and skillet. Just about everything you need to make dinner is fitted into one neat kit that can be carried along or easily stowed away in small spaces.

But wait, there's more at Electrolux
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