CoolDrawer Fridge in a Drawer

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We have noted before that small fridges make good cities, and also that chest or drawer fridges can save energy and keep food better. Now Fisher Paykel gives us the works in a drawer that look good, too.

cooldrawer controls image

The temperature controls are interesting- it can act as either a fridge or a freezer.


Of course, Fisher Paykel does not do econoboxes, and didn't design this for people trying to live with less fridge but for those who want more fridges, "with any number of Cooldrawers placed around the home and set at different temperatures. Put fresh foods close to your prep area, fruit where the family can graze, even put one in the entertainment area for drinks and snacks" so you never have to get up and go to the fridge again.

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But it might still be the ticket for those who can't quite make the leap to living without a fridge. Fisher Paykel via Core77
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