Cooking Table integrates appliances into the dining table

cooking table
© Caspar Sesslar

Kitchens and dining tables go together. Why not integrate them in to one piece of furniture? Moritz Putzier shows how it might be done with his Cooking Table. Harry at MocoLoco notes that it includes several multifunctional parts.

The ceramic bowls have lids that double as cutting boards, which is a good idea all on its own.

The gas burner clicks into a module in that groove down the middle of the table;

Just drop a ceramic bowl and grill on top of the burner and you are in action.

Cooking used to take place in a separate room from eating. Then it got more social and would often get combined with the dining area. Putzier's design puts it all together in one lovely unit, which seems like a great idea for small spaces. More at Moritz Putzier.

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