Compact4all Reinvents The Kitchen Appliance as a Modular System

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Here is an idea whose time has come, the Compact4All set of kitchen appliances that are designed as matching cubes, so that they can be stacked or lined up together. From Dutch designer Jan Des Bouvrie and made by Princess, , the company calls them "compact and symmetrically stylish."

They remind me of James Dyson's Plans for Kitchen Domination, where the great designer applied for a patent on cubic appliances. I thought it was a silly idea at the time, noting that "Kitchen appliances are different shapes for a reason; toast is square and mixing bowls are round."

compact4allPrincess/Promo image

However now that I see the photographs, I think it makes a lot of sense. I have a Braun juicer, a coffee maker, a kettle and a toaster that do take up a lot of counter space. the cords are always getting tangled and I need an attachment to get four appliances into two electric outlets. These are not big appliances, either, to fit in 8" cubes. The manufacturer says that "Due to the small size of the Compact4All it will be most appealing to stylish starters, singles and students."

This is clever design. Found at Mocoloco.

Compact4all Reinvents The Kitchen Appliance as a Modular System
This is so logical, it's a wonder nobody did it before.

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