The Compact Kitchen of the Future: Who Needs A Built-in Stove?

Most kitchen ranges are 30 inches wide and have four burners, and are hard wired to 220 volts. Induction ranges don't need to be permanently installed or use so much power; only the pot is heated, not the stove and the element. That's why Graham Hill's LifeEdited kitchen was so clever; Graham did not have a permanent stove but pulled out induction elements as they were needed. After all, why fill up 30 inches of your counter with four burners when most of the time you only need one?

At Yanko, designer Buse Üstün has come up with a solution similar to Graham's, but has come up with more functions and developed a storage system to house them all. He designs a sort of range garage to hold elements, a griddle and what appears to be a steamer, all designed to fit together.

The designer writes:

The VIA modular cooking concept aims to fulfill a variety of cooking needs by offering a range of easy-to-use cooking methods in a super-compact unit that will fit on any kitchen countertop. The multifunctional design features interchangeable grilling, griddle, and induction cooking modules that receive an instant electrical charge when in place and can be used, quickly cleaned and easily stored within the base of the unit. It’s a great solution for small apartments where large appliances would take up valuable space!

I am not sure that I would want all this sitting on my counter top, and don't like the idea that the frying pan is even higher than the counter on top of the garage thing. But the idea of integrating the different functions into one unit is interesting.

rangesGraham Hill/CC BY 2.0

When you look at Graham's setup, there is a mess of wires behind. The units need a fair bit of drawer space. Perhaps a designer will come up with a version where the units plug into one another, come in different sizes and serve different functions that you pull out as you need, just like Nutone tried to do with the blender fifty years ago.

The Compact Kitchen of the Future: Who Needs A Built-in Stove?
Graham Hill did this in his LifeEdited Apartment; Here is an idea that does a bit more.

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