Combination dishwasher/ dining table solves all the problems of conventional dishwashing

lazy bachelor dining system
© Steven M. Johnson

I have always found dishwashers to be problematic. The TreeHugger advice is to always fill them up before you wash, but we are always running out of spoons and espresso cups before that time. You are always moving dishes; you put stuff in, move it to closets, move it to table and then back. I once convinced a client to put in two dishwashers; you would just move the dishes from one to the other, using them as storage. It saved a step, but it meant they were re-washing a lot of clean dishes. I have shown a lot of concepts before for different kinds of dishwashers, including my favorite until now, the Mural Dishwasher by Lacasse and Savard.

Steven M. Johnson beats them all with his Lazy Bachelor Dining System. It is so logical: the dishes stick to the table with magnets. When you finish dinner you just move the placemats, flowers and the teapot, roll up the tambour door that covers the mechanism, and tilt the whole table up to close it. The moving dishwasher mechanism goes up and down, the dishes drain nicely, the table is stored away until you next need it. Then you just tilt the table down again and the table is already set, because it was the whole time. This is brilliant and I want it now.

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Combination dishwasher/ dining table solves all the problems of conventional dishwashing
Steven Johnson does it again, finding a solution that saves space and makes life easier.

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