Columnar kitchen from Clei has a tiny footprint

© Ecooking/ Massimo Facchineti

Ecooking© Ecooking/ Massimo Facchineti

The great Italian designer Joe Colombo died tragically young on his 41st birthday, but not before he designed a 40 inch square kitchen that has become a classic. Now Massimo Facchinetti has designed what could be a direct descendant. It's taller and does a lot more, but Columbo would be impressed. LifeEdited tells us that it includes an induction oven, fridge, dishwasher, oven, sink, an herb garden, seating for six and of course, an espresso machine.

David at LifeEdited says it's not vaporware, but will actually be available next year. It's made by Clei, so it will likely be very expensive.

Columnar kitchen from Clei has a tiny footprint
If you don't have the room to go out, you can always go up, as Massimo Facchinetti does with this amazing kitchen.

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