Colo Integrates Dishwasher, Sink and Storage


This is the way we should think about design. In most kitchens, there is a cupboard, a sink and a dishwasher. You empty the dishwasher by moving everything to the cupboard. Peter Schwartz and Helene Steiner of Wachshaus integrate them all together in this sink/dishwasher and storage concept.


The sink is designed to hold special racks, while a lid drops down to seal the dishwasher;


When complete, the dishrack lifts out and hangs on the wall, you never actually have to touch them and remove them from the rack. The designers describe it, sans upper case:

the colo-concept breaks with the handling-habits of an old-fashioned dishwasher. it's a reduction of the machine to its essentials, orientated on user-needs. colo merges the dishwasher with the sink. at this, handling-complexity is also reduced to a minimum. there is no need to sort in the dishes piece for piece, simply place the tray with all of it in the sink, and simply put the tray back on the wall when it's done.

Colo via Materialicious

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