Clutter-free Recycling Bin

Maybe part of the reason that people don't recycle is because of the mess and clutter that gathers whilst waiting for the trip to the recycling centre or the day that it all goes outside. Here's a sleek, good looking way to store all those carefully collected aluminium cans, glass jars, papers and plastic bottles that are rolling around in the kitchen cupboard. The ecopod e1 is essentially a crusher: drop a can or plastic bottle into the hole on the top, step on the pedal and the container is compacted for easier storage. It will store fifty to sixty crushed containers. Ecopod's mission is to "partner with great people and great companies to raise worldwide eco-awareness". To that end, they worked with DesignworksUSA, the same people who created the BMWX5 , to ensure that, as well as being a good looking addition to the kitchen, it works. If that's too big and bulky, here is a very simple and practical, child-proof can and bottle crusher. Squash it in the gadget and store the results in a box until ready. :: Ecopod via :: The Financial Times