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When writing LifeEdited: What We Can Learn From Camping Equipment, I asked "Why do camping equipment designers make pots and pans that all stack together and take up the space of only the largest pots, while a regular pot and pan set takes up an entire drawer?" Mocoloco shows the work of Hanover designer and photographer Nina Schymczyk, channels the thought with her Pila Kitchenset. She calls it "a kind of camping set for your home."

pila kitchenset nina schymczyk photo

The designer writes:

Pila consists of five different kitchen utensils. Due to the simple design language, it can be used in many ways. Stacked together it becomes a sculpture. The silhouette may always look different and new, thanks to a variety of stacking options. You can choose whether to have a very decorative or a more functional sculpture. It was my aim to not restrict the user, so that you can use this product how you like it, in the way you like and finally stack it how ever you want to. Pila makes it much easier to work in the kitchen and with its decorative approach it embellishes your kitchen. Pila is a kind of camping set for your home, showing you how little things you need.

pila kitchenset nina schymczyk photo

The set includes a mixing bowl, a colander, measuring cup, wooden bowl that turns over into a cutting board, and a plate. All you need, really, for food preparation;

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Put it together with a set of stacking pots and pans like these from Snowpeak, and you have a whole kitchen.

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