Bokashi Composting System

I mentioned the Bokashi Composting System in a previous post. A Treehugger reader, Alexander, tells us of his experience with Bokashi:
I've been searching and searching the net for a way to compost within the confines of my small, urban apartment. Though it took forever, I found a system that is very easy and doesn't smell at all. It's based on 'effective microorganisms' and yields a few really nice benefits. The runoff from the bucket can be used to do two things: fertilize your household plants when diluted, or keep your drains clear when used at full strength.

The composting bin seen above is built to work with Bokashi, it's made of 70% recycled plastic, and sells for around $30-50. WholeFoods will soon be selling sawdust inoculated with Bokashi.

:: Happy Farmer Kitchen Composter