Bambu Introduces Hybrid Cutting Boards Made From Cork, Bamboo

Bambu hybrid cutting board photo

Photo credit: Bambu

This past week's New York International Gift Fair marked the official debut of Bambu's latest offering: a "hybrid" cutting board composed of bamboo on one side and cork on the other. The sustainable home- and kitchenware company first introduced cork to its lineup in November with what it dubbed the world's first cork tabletop collection. Comprising three bowls, two trays, and a set of cutting boards made from the renewable natural resource—a single tree can be harvested 12 times in its 150-year average lifespan—the Cork Collection offers lightweight, slip-resistant, and food-safe surfaces that are said to be naturally antimicrobial, as well.

The Hybrid is a mashup of Bambu's two materials, with a sliver of cork on the bamboo side that acts as a grip. Next month will see the launch of the Bamboo Pebble Candles, an expansion of the wooden pebbles that hit stores last year, which are made of excess bamboo material left over from the cutting and serving lines.

Bambu Cork Collection photo

Photo credit: Bambu
Bambu pebbles photo

Photo credit: Bambu
Bambu candles

Photo credit: Bambu
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