Bamboo Cabinets by AlterEco

Bamboo Cabinets by AlterEcoAlterEco makes custom cabinets in Sausalito, California out of bamboo. Bamboo is more often seen in flooring, but it shows the same lustrous grain in cabinetry. AlterEco incorporates the bamboo into clean-lined, modern designs. AlterEco holds sustainability as a company priority, but they are straightforward about their goals for sustainable product, saying "no material is perfect, and we constantly aim is to move steadily in the direction of sustainability." Perhaps they are referring to the sometimes intensive methods of treating bamboo before it is milled in Asia. It is often soaked in water for four weeks, then treated with caustic soda. Others use borax or boric acid which is comparatively benign. :: Bamboo Cabinets. [by Justin Thomas]


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