A Place For Everything in The Minimalist Magdelena Gravity Kitchen

magdelena minimalist kitchen design photo units

Taking minimalism to the limit, designer Burkhard Schäller has reduced the kitchen to bent wire with a place for everything. And if somebody gives you a weenie roaster you can give it right back, because if it isn't in the design there is nowhere to put it. That puts an end to clutter.

magdelena minimalist kitchen design photo storage

Designboom explains:
'Magdalena Gravity' by German interior designer Burkhard Schäller is a mini mobile kitchen intended for various personal and professional applications in office and catering environments. Here bent wire components are used to hold cookware and utensils, creating a system of organization. ideal for small spaces, this reduced wire frame construction can be set against the wall or left free standing in more open spaces such as a loft. In doing so, 'Magdalena Gravity' can help to create divisions in large rooms thanks to its transparent build up.

magdelena minimalist kitchen design photo flatpack

When folded up, each kitchen unit measures 90cm (36") by 105cm (42") by 70cm (28"). No word on where you put the dishes. More at Designboom.

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