A New Spin On The Dishwasher: A Rotating Sink/Washer Combo

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Dishwashers are a real design problem; they have to adapt to all sizes and shapes of cutlery, dishes and glassware and never quite get it right. For single people or couples they are often oversized, wasting a lot of energy and water. That's why we loved the sadly discontinued dishwasher in a sink from Kitchenaid, and find this design from Ahhaproject interesting, if unresolved.

ahhaproject dishwasher image

The designers tell Mocoloco:

The idea came about when we realized the potential of space conservation when our sink was full of dirty dishes! The system works in a way that the dishes are cleaned within the sink, using the mechanics of a dishwasher.

The ingenious design has a sink divided into two parts, that rotates so that half of it acts as a sink and half acts as a dishwasher when it rotates under the counter. It would be lovely if one could just stack dishes in the sink and have them get clean, but as the rendering on the ahhaproject site shows, some kind of rack is probably going to be necessary.

ahhaproject dishwasher image

Also if you look at the version shown on their site, there clearly isn't enough room for it to rotate in a standard depth kitchen counter, half the unit is taking up more than half the space. But an interesting approach to a difficult problem, nonetheless. More at Ahhaproject via Mocoloco, also seen on Fast Company
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