1957 Frigidaire Dream Kitchen of Tomorrow- in Czech



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We love our kitchens of the future; here is another from a 1957 "Paris Exhibition of the future" in Czech with hilarious english subtitles. It has an IBM punch card recipe file, automatic dispensing and online TV ordering. Once it got to the glass domed oven scene, it was recognizable as Frigidaire's Dream Kitchen of Tomorrow, from 1957, shown below the fold; we have some better shots and film of it. ::io9 via ::boingboing


found in Plan59

You can see another film of this kitchen in color, complete with dancing crazy lady, at 3:20 of this completely hallucinatory 1956 GM promo movie on ::youtube here


With this lazy susan glass fridge, you will never lose the condiments at the back. What a good idea.

Dance while you watch it in this collage of dream kitchens set to music, at about 3 minutes. Via EasterKiwi

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