How to Transform a Pickle Barrel Into a DIY Recycled Compost Tumbler

Compost Tumbler Assembly photo
Video screen capture. Growing Your Greens

TreeHuggers love a good composting video. From this DIY guide on how to build a compost tumbler to building your own worm bin, we've featured plenty of projects for the DIY enthusiast.

But what if you're not that practical? Luckily there are also its available to build effective, functional composters of every variety. Here, John of Growing Your Greens looks at two popular kits for building a compost tumbler. The one that really caught my eye uses a recycled pickle barrel as its starting point.

DIY Compost Tumbler photo

Growing Your Greens/Video screen capture

Created by Green Logic, the UCT7 (UCT stands for Urban Compost Tumbler) looks like a well-thought out piece of kit. Featuring the aforementioned barrel, a stand made of 2x4s, and some internal vent tubes, it looks sturdy and, as John notes, it's easier to put together than the more standard commercial variety. It doesn't come cheap—the Green Logic site currently lists it at $210—but I suspect this is a low-output, manual-labor heavy operation, so I wouldn't quibble over price. I'd be interested to know what the makers think of John posting all the specs and parts on the video, but hey, I suspect the hardcore DIYer is not the target market for a kit like this.

compost tumbler recycled photo

Growing Your Greens/Video screen capture

Either way, the UCT7 looks like a pretty nifty way to build a tumbler from primarily recycled parts. And that's got to be a good thing.