Kirei Board

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This sorghum board is a beautiful twist on a material that, while highly eco, can be rather blah. But Kirei is definitely more than hip than hippie. Through a process of washing, weaving, and then compressing bamboo-like stalks of sorghum into 3-by-6-foot sheets, Kirei board becomes an eco-friendly engineered-wood product that’s perf for tabletops and cabinetry, or even furniture, flooring, or vertical paneling. Strong and lightweight, it’s also a near-finished product that resists warping and can be coated by water-based (or oil and urethane-based) paints and stains. Sheets can also be stacked and heat-pressed with formaldehyde-free adhesive to create thicker planks. Starting at $7/square foot. Available through ::Robin Reigi in the NY area. Via Interior Design [MO]