5 Free Allowance Apps

Photo: chefranden/Flickr.

I’ve covered allowances on two previous kids and money posts: one to share my point of view on allowances and a follow-up with readers’ input. Today’s topic is for those families that give (or let their children earn) an allowance and have an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch – five free allowance apps for your Apple device.

1. Kiddy Bank

Kiddy Bank allows you, the parent, to keep track of your child’s allowance. The app can credit your child’s account automatically on allowance day or you can manually add funds to the account on special occasions. When your child spends some of his allowance money, you can deduct it from his balance.

2. FamZoo Family Finance

FamZoo is more than a simple credit and debit system; you can also use it to track goals, charitable giving and even loans you make to your children. I love the goals aspect as it helps children understand the importance of saving up to buy that higher-priced coveted item. Note: The app is free but it works in conjunction with a paid online subscription service.

3. A+ Allowance

A+ Allowance is a virtual chore chart and allowance tracker in one. You and your children can pick weekly chores, assign a dollar value to those chores and start tracking their allowances.

4. Kids Rewards

Kids Rewards isn’t a traditional allowance app, instead it allows families that use a rewards system to track points. Since some families use a rewards system in place of an allowance, this app deserved a spot on my list.

5. Allowance Lite

Allowance Lite is the watered down version of the Allowance app, which comes with a price tag of $4.99. The Lite version includes a basic credit and debit allowance system but it will help you decided if you’d like to spend the $5 on the full version.