Kate Winslet Joins Bear Grylls on NBC's 'Running Wild'

Kate Winslet joins Bear Grylls for an adventure in season two of NBC's 'Running Wild.' (Photo: NBC).

We already know Kate Winslet is adept at surviving fiery situations, but can she outlast Mother Nature under the tutelage of Bear Grylls? We'll all find out come July when season 2 of NBC's surprisingly entertaining survival reality series "Running Wild" kicks off.

The show, which last summer featured stars like Zac Efron, Ben Stiller, Channing Tatum and Tom Arnold, will once feature Bear Grylls dragging some big name out to a remote part of the world to rough it for a few days. In addition to Academy Award-winner Winslet, we'll also get time with Ed Helms, James Marsden, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Hudson, Michelle Rodriguez, and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees. Locations revealed so far include the jungles of Panama, the Italian Alps and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

"It has been such a privilege to adventure alongside these iconic men and women — and this season has made for some unforgettable journeys,” said Grylls in a statement. "The excitement of being dropped into uncharted territory and tackling the wilderness head on, in the way we do, can be both daunting and very draining, but it is also very empowering when we finally make it out in one piece."

"Running Wild" is just one of many projects that Grylls has been working on. In addition to playing TV host and jaunting around the world, the 40-year-old father of three also runs a survival academy, a new physical fitness biz called BG Epic Training, is releasing the first in a new fiction series of adventure novels, and is working on a book dedicated to healthy nutrition.

"That means I’m experimenting with a lot of recipes — and the boys love it as well," he recently told Men's Health UK. "I wish at school someone had taught me to eat healthy. If I ran a school I’d teach how to train, how to eat healthy, how to build teams, how to lead people, how to take risks ... life stuff."

Grylls added that the secret to getting more adventure out of life is taking the initiative to put yourself out there in the middle of it all.

"Just grab a tent, get a friend, tell someone where you’re going and go climb a mountain," he said. "We all want to climb mountains in life – but it’s a case of doing it and not just dreaming it."

Looks for Grylls and some celebs to climb their own mountains starting July 13 on NBC.