Just What We Needed Dept: Wooden iPhone Dock Turns Phone Into Retro Alarm Clock

areaware iphone alarm clock image
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Images via Areaware product page

Beautiful accessories for iPhones is somewhat a weak spot for me -- I enjoy checking out sustainable wooden cases that keep your iphone safe, or unusual speakers made of old trumpets. And I admit that wooden accessories have a special appeal just because they can be so beautiful and warm-looking. But when it comes to some accessories, such as this alarm dock, there is a line that is crossed. Called a "minimalist" design, the wooden dock is meant to make your iPhone look like an old-school alarm clock while it charges. However, it's a chunk of wood that you pay $40 for. And that's it. A chunk of wood that looks kinda cool. But minimalist? What is minimalist is just setting your phone on your nightstand with the charger plugged in to the wall when needed. Nothing extra or unnecessary.

areaware iphone alarm clock image

We appreciate the design, and yes, the fact that it is carved of wood makes it almost attractive. But this is one thing we can definitely do without. I'd rather have the tree that this was made out of still standing.