Just What We Needed Dept: A Playmobil Bike Helmet

©. Levent Konuk / Shutterstock.com

Not many kids wear helmets in Denmark, and some people think they should. For his MBA thesis Simon Higby now a creative partner at DBB Stockholm, had the idea for this helmet shaped like the hair from a Playmobil character; he worked with Clara Prior of the Copenhagen office to "create a bicycle helmet that would get kids excited about bicycle safety." MOEF, a company that makes “special effects and visual concepts for advertising, film and exhibitions” knocked out a prototype.

The MOEF video of the process is fascinating, showing them scan the hair, digitize it and then 3D print it on a Zprinter 650.

I don't know how many kids would be excited about a helmet that is this thick and doesn't have any ventilation; I would imagine it would make for a pretty hot head. Also, it looks like it would cover the ears and impair hearing. Maybe it isn't just what we needed.

Although I do hope that they make this adult version: