Just What We Needed Dept: Fight DDD With the DipClip

©. Milkmen Design

The DDD era (Dangerous Dip Distraction) is over. Now you can dip and drive.

How many times has this happened to you? It's hard, trying to drive while you slurp down a Big Gulp and LOL at a cat gif and dip your McNuggets all at once. But now the era of DDD (Dangerous Dip Distraction) is almost over. You can thank Milkmen Design for creating the DipClip, an in-car condiment holder for anyone who loves sauce with their food. It neatly holds your sauce in one very accessible spot so it is easier to dip and drive. They tell us why they did it:

For generations, humans had to choose between making a mess in their vehicle or consuming bland, sauce-free food. We were tired of standing by idly as the perfect union of fries and nuggets, and the precious sauces that compliment [sic] them, grew strained. So we created the DipClip to repair this relationship, reuniting ketchup with french fry, nugget with BBQ, and so on.

This brilliant device clips into the air vent of your car, so that the delicious smells from the sauce can be wafted through your vehicle, enhancing the experience. You could turn the heat on full blast and warm your nuggets as you dip.


© Milkmen Design

And if your tastes are more exotic and you can handle chopsticks while you drive, it is perfect for holding soy sauce! Just don't hit any bumps or cyclists or it might splash a bit. There clearly is a lot of demand for this, because it has already blown through its $10K target, raising four times as much.

And why is this on TreeHugger? Because it is a waste of plastic; every car already has cupholders that you can just pour sauce right into. They are much bigger so you can save money by buying dipping sauce in bulk.

And because, with all the problems we have in this crazy world, this is what people are spending their time on.