Just What We Needed Dept: A Car So Black That It Absorbs All the Light

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But hey, cyclists and pedestrians, don't forget the high viz!

Hey, kids! Remember to do the bright thing and wear high-visibility clothing when you go out. If you are a cyclist in the UK, it may soon be the law. But cars and big SUVs? Road Show says this car is like a black hole, titling their post GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate Black Edition absorbs all the light.

Black appearance packages always seem to be a hit with buyers, and the latest from GMC is sure to keep that trend alive. The 2018 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate Black Edition is as dark as its name is long.

denali front end


About the only thing that isn't black is the chrome front end. That's because SUVs do not have to meet safety standards that cars have to meet which protect pedestrians; instead, they are a blank wall that kills pedestrians at three times the rate of cars. It is probably easier to clean the flesh and blood off a chromed grill than a painted one.

lime prius

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As we have noted before, black cars are deadlier than other colors. According to one report,

Black vehicles, for example, are harder to see as they do not always stand out against the road or background scenery. During daylight hours, black cars were up to 12% more likely be involved in crashes than white vehicles. At dawn and dusk when the light is poor, the figure rose to 47%.
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Meanwhile, on the basis of virtually no real data, cyclists in the UK may soon have to dress up in high viz. Let's be consistent: lime green for everyone and everything!