Just What We Needed Dept.: A Propane Powered Coffee Maker

propane powered coffee maker
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Coffee is a conundrum when camping; you want to travel light, but you want your morning java, which pretty much requires a single-function device. So imagine your next ascent of El Capitan, the party on the portaledge when you pull this out of your backpack in the morning.

It is a propane powered coffee maker that delivers a pot of coffee in just eighteen minutes, and runs for four and a half hours on a standard one pound disposable propane bottle.

It's ninety bucks on the Coleman site, plus another twenty for the handy carrying case. There are no specifications stating what it weighs, a pretty serious issue for most people when camping. Coleman says it runs 4.4 hours on a pound of propane; one reviewer estimates that you can get about sixteen pots of coffee out of one bottle of gas. So now you can take disposable propane cylinders, throwaway filters and a big chunk of coffee maker wherever you go. Fun!

Found on Book of Joe.
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