Man Converts Truck Into Solar-Powered Home

Video screen capture. Hygge Houze

Living in a truck might not sound appealing unless it's completely overhauled on the inside to be a bit more comfortable. With a bit of perseverance, carpentry skills and some thoughtful design ideas, fifty-year-old Israeli animator Joseph Tayyar converted a truck into a beautiful home.

According to Decoist, Tayyar was inspired to begin his project when he saw a television program about homes on wheels. Determined to enjoy the same kind of flexibility, Tayyar spent years fine-tuning his dream: converting an 11.5-meter (38-foot) truck into a real home.

Tayyar's improvements include properly-insulated walls that are seven inches thick, a modern kitchen, two separate sleeping areas (one of which is lofted up in the rear), an ample seating area, a dining banquette, work area, and a spacious bathroom. Wood is used throughout the converted interior to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that doesn't look all too different from other tiny homes we've seen.

Best of all, the roof of the truck is covered with photovoltaic panels, providing solar power to this incognito home. There's also a water storage tank right under the bedroom, allowing this truck to be fully off-grid if need be.

With the renovations costing approximately USD $225,000, this transformed mobile living unit is a tad more expensive than comparable tiny homes, but for Tayyar, it's a more-than-satisfactory prototype that he hopes will inspire others to do the same, perhaps building a movement towards entire "villages on wheels." With rising real estate prices, and the burdens of high property taxes and mortgages, living in a small and mobile lifestyle may be the wave of the future.