Jonathan Safron Foer Explains Why Hot Dog Makers Won't Eat Hot Dogs on Colbert Report: (Video)

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It's because they're un-American, obviously. Jonathan Safron Foer, the author of 'Everything is Illuminated' has been following Michael Pollan's lead as of late--his latest book is called 'Eating Animals', and it calls for, among other things, a closer examination of our nation's food system. He sat down with Stephen Colbert last night, and explained, among other things, why hot dog makers won't eat hot dogs. And then Colbert ate a huge pile of bacon in front of him.Along with a call to eat less meat, a reassessment of our food labeling process, and an urging to reconsider the factory farming complex that dominates our nation's food industry Safron Foer raises some pretty good points. Of course, you can predict how Colbert's character is going to react to all that unpatriotic garbage:

I haven't read Foer's new book, but he makes some points in dire need of better publicity--our food system is a giant mess. It shouldn't be acceptable to pump animals full of antibiotics to get them to grow faster and more cheaply--for ethical reasons as well as human health reasons. As Foer notes, people are actually getting sick from the practice--and the longer term detriments are still largely unknown.

But as Pollan says, we all get three votes a day to push for healthier food--every time we sit down to a meal. So don't feel too unpatriotic turning down that hot dog.

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