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Get all the plastic-free household goods you need – without breaking the bank.

Going plastic-free at home has never been easier. Thanks to Montreal-based startup Etee (whose name stands for Everything Touches Everything Else), you can now purchase a wide range of plastic-free household goods at wholesale prices once you have a membership. And right now, while Etee is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign where a membership purchase (US$69) will last you a lifetime, rather than the usual year.

Wide Range of Plastic-Free Household Products

Etee's most recognizable product is the beeswax-infused food wrap that has become quite popular in zero-waste and plastic-free circles as a replacement for plastic wrap, but the company hasn't stopped there. It sells resealable beeswax food and sandwich bags in many different sizes, sets and colors, reusable cutlery, bar soap, and glass and bamboo straws.

Etee toothbrush


It also has an impressive list of new products soon to launch. These include plastic-free dish soap (it comes as a paste in an awesome beeswax pouch that you mix with water in a glass jar to use – I've tried it and it's amazing), luffa scouring pads and plastic-free dish brushes, tooth-cleaning 'chew tabs', wooden toothbrushes with replaceable screw-on heads, package-free laundry soap and stain remover sticks, and wool dryer balls. All of these products will ship within the next 3-6 months.

Etee dish soap
Plastic-free dish soap paste in a beeswax pouch that gets blended with water.

K Martinko

Membership Model

The membership model, which is what Costco uses, makes products more accessible. From a press release:

"Affordability is a huge obstacle preventing many people from replacing plastic in their homes. The fact is that most eco-friendly brands are far too expensive for populations outside the upper class to realistically obtain. This needs to change if we're going to make an impact."

In addition to the cheaper base prices, Etee's membership allows for money-back guarantees, free shipping and returns, direct-to-consumer sales, and detailed instructions for how to use products.

Etee food wraps


It's crucial that we adjust our personal habits to use less plastic, considering that 300 millions tons of the stuff are made every year and 90 percent goes to landfill. Etee's product line shows that it's possible to continue much of our at-home business as usual without generating loads of non-recyclable trash. Check it out. The campaign video is super cute:

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