John Masters Organics' Eco-Conscious Salon in SoHo, New York

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John Masters Organics salon on Sullivan St. in Soho, New York City. Credit Emma Grady

I met John Masters during New York Fashion Week -- his green team mastered the hairstyle looks on the GreenShows Spring 2010 runway -- and he invited me down to his 100% wind-powered salon on Sullivan St. in SoHo for complimentary luxury organic treatment. This past week I took him up on the offer and visited his "clean air" salon -- which uses only herbal-based and ammonia-free colors, and does not offer any other chemical services, i.e., no perms, bleaches, or their awful odors -- and hopped into the barber's chair for the sake of research. Click through photos of my new 'do and the salon's interior -- packed with reclaimed furniture.

Salon Interior: Reclaimed and Refurbished Furniture


Reclaimed shelves with product at John Masters Organics. Credit Emma Grady

The salon is 100% wind powered -- through Community Energy Inc. and the Con Edison Solutions program -- antique mirrors are reclaimed and refurbished, shelves are reclaimed from 18th century buildings in Brooklyn -- keeping it local -- and the front desk is from an old country store in the Catskills.


John Masters Organics interior. Credit Emma Grady

The shampoo bowls and client chairs were bought new to accommodate raising and lowering. The salon boasts a garden in the back with a deck and planting boxes, built with reclaimed wood. No pesticides or herbicides are used in the garden which was designed by landscape architect Simon Martinez. During summer months the door to the garden is left open -- unfortunately it was a very cold day when I was there and only open a crack -- for clients to enjoy.

Salon Treatment: Scalp Treatment and Cut

Before I hopped into the barber chair, I had my hair washed with John Masters Organics zinc & sage shampoo and conditioner (2 in 1), and rinsed with herbal cider hair clarifier and color sealer, which is used to eliminate residue and buildup. Brian Wallis (below) took care of my scalp and hair conditioning treatment, which included a scalp massage. He recommends having a scalp treatment every 6-8 weeks -- much like a facial -- which encourages cell growth, softens hair, and gives it a shiny quality.


TreeHugger's Emma Grady with John Masters Organics' Stylist Brian Wallis. Credit Emma Grady

The conditioning treatment includes a mix of John Masters products; lavender and avocado intensive conditioner, dry hair nourishment & defrizzer, honey & hibiscus hair reconstructor, pomegranate facial nourishing oil, and essential cedar and jasmin oils. My hair has retained the fragrance for days -- albeit I couldn't shampoo for two of them. John Masters Organics products do not contain GMOs, parabens, petro chemicals, artificial color or fragrance, and are all made in the USA.

Visit John Masters Organics for more, and read a New York Times article on Mr. Masters green initiatives in restoring his historic stone home in Rosendale, N.Y.

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