Jim Carrey Raves About New 'Blissful' Diet

Jim Carrey is intent on keeping some of his 'Burt Wonderstone' physique. (Photo: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock)

In his new comedy film "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," actor Jim Carrey cuts an impressive physical figure as street magician Steve Gray. As the 51-year-old recently told People, getting his body to look that way was less incredible and more hell.

"It's not a natural place to live in that kind of shape," he said. "It looks great. It's fantastic and gets a lot of attention, but you have to eat, like, anti-matter to stay in that kind of shape."

Strict diet regimens aside, it appears that Carrey is keen to at least retain some of his new physique. In a series of tweets to his more than 10 million followers, the actor says he's several weeks into a new diet that's a challenge, but worth taking.

"End of day 14, Diet is kicking in", he tweeted yesterday. "Feeling relaxed content and even blissfull,like i just got up from a good nap. Protein veg legumes rice fruit nuts water contain all we need 2b healthy happy n sharp minded.I believe ths diet more healing thn drugs."

When challenged by one follower that his health claims contradict medical science, Carrey responded: "You mean the science paid for by food and drug companies, like the food pyramid owned by Kelloggs?"

Looks like someone has been doing some serious research into food. Don't be surprised if Carrey ends up becoming the next big celebrity vegan.

Check out a trailer for "Burt Wonderstone" below: