Jason Mraz Is Serious About Growing His Own Food

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When we think of celebrity farmers, most TreeHugger readers are more likely to think of Joel Salatin than folk-pop star Jason Mraz. But Mraz is serious enough about eating local to grow his own food, and in doing so has become an advocate of organic farming techniques.

He recently shared this home harvest photo on Facebook, and used the opportunity to write about his experiences growing his own fruits and vegetables, and the organization that has helped him learn along the way. He writes that last fall, he began taking online classes about urban farming, with the goal of turning his yard into an "edible environment."

“Back in January, during a break from tour, I was able to put my new knowledge to good use and improve my yard as well as my compost heap and the quality of life for my chickens. I also enjoyed getting properly chased by my new bees while busy upping the diversity in my orchard by planting 30 new fruit trees. I did all of this in little time thanks to the new insights shared by UrbanFarm.org.
Urban farming is about making the most out of a small space. It’s about declaring your yard, your courtyard or windowsill as an actual farm. And then working with the seasons, the sunlight, and local resources like discarded materials and water-runoff to bring it to life as cheaply and conveniently as possible.
It isn’t as daunting as one might think and the payoff is spectacular. Taking control of your food and water supply means reclaiming your power by saving money, saving energy, saving waste and saving fuel believe it or not. It is the foundation for the idea ‘think globally and act locally.’ “

He then goes on to drop some knowledge about the difference between heirloom, hybrid and genetically modified seeds. In fact, the singer regularly shares tips and bits about gardening with his fans on social media. Mraz recently shared an Instagram post of what appears to be freshly harvested avocados.

According to Eating Well, Mraz owns a 5.5-acre avocado ranch northeast of San Diego, which has supplied produce to Chipotle. The singer is well-known as a vegetarian and has described himself as an organic gardening geek. It's nice to see a celebrity not only espouse the benefits of eating organic but actually get his hands in the soil to make it happen.

Although not everyone may have the space for their own garden, hopefully, Mraz’s enthusiasm will encourage more people to grow their own too.