Jared Leto's Diet for 'Dallas Buyers Club' Was Drastic

Photo: "Dallas Buyers Club".

To pull off the role of a transexual battling HIV in the film "Dallas Buyers Club," actor/musician Jared Leto pushed his body to the limits and embraced a drastic weight loss diet.

“I stopped eating,” he told TheWrap. "It wasn’t an easy thing to do. It was 30 or 40 pounds [I lost]. After a while, I stopped counting.”

The 41-year-old, who credits his vegan diet for keeping him youthful, says that dropping down to 114 pounds had an all-encompassing impact on him. “It changes the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you think,” he said.

Jared Leto in role for Dallas Buyers Club

Leto's co-star, Matthew McConaughey, who plays the film's central character Ron Woodroof, also lost 30 pounds on an all-liquid diet.

"I am drinking a lot of tea," he said last year. "It takes a while for your body to understand that it has to feed off of itself and that you're not going to give it something else from the outside."

"Dallas Buyers Club" hits theaters on Nov. 1. Check out a trailer for the film below.