Japanese Furniture Makers Pivot to Cats

via. Designboom

We have long been fans of Catitecture, the term for architecture and interior design for cats. It is a growing business, whereas the traditional furniture industry has long been in trouble thanks to the globalization of furniture manufacturing wrought by IKEA. That's why Japanese manufacturers in the Fukuoa prefecture are pivoting to cats.

cat on bed


According to Kieron Marchese in Designboom, the manufacturers have introduced a line of miniature furniture built out of lightweight Kiri wood, which they used to use to make wedding furniture. It looks purrfect.

cat furniture

Spoon and Tomago/via

Johnny at Spoon and Tamago notes that cat furniture used to be ugly, but this is produced exactly like any other full sized piece, as seen by the human and cat sized versions in the photo above.

In fact, they’re really just miniature versions of actual pieces the furniture makers have designed. The cat sofa was designed and produced by Hiromatsu Furniture . The cat bed was designed and produced by Tateno Mokuzai.

mini furniture for cats in japanese makers campaign from designboom on Vimeo.

It is all a public relations campaign; evidently, they have had some viral hits before. It will be displayed under the banner "Craftsman MADE"; the commercial is charming even if you do not understand Japanese. More images on Designboom.