Japan for Sustainability Launches Kids' Eco-Site

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"Let's use our imagination to change outdated ways of thinking." The group Japan for Sustainability has just launched a kids' environmental website called Kids Create Your Future!, to introduce the young ones to such Treehugger-ish notions as products of service, biomimicry, and green consumerism. There are nice, readable sections on: how to have a car without owning it (car sharing), how to create a city without cars (i.e. Curitiba, Brazil, and Aarhus, Dennark), products of service (Interface carpets), and biomimicry (Velcro and abalone shell). In perfect Japanese style it illustrates the point of dematerializing by suggesting kids play video games at arcades instead of constantly buying the newest systems and games.
There's also advise on how to start an environmental club at school, and a manga comic that shows what an alternate carless reality could be like if everyone rode bikes and trams.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little Cradle-to-Cradle before they even leave the cradle, right? :: Create Your Future