It's Time to Play Driver Exoneration Bingo

©. Betty Barc0de

Actually, it is played on the news every day.

Thousands of people who walk and cycle are killed by people who drive every year, and in so many cases, it is framed in the news in a way that seems to blame the victim or somehow shift responsibility away from the driver of the car. If it weren't so tragic, it might actually be funny, which is why I smiled at BettyBarc0de's new Bingo card. I think she missed a few, but there is only so much room on a card, so it is missing:

"speed was not a factor..."
"the driver remained at the scene..."
"no obvious intoxication..."

"Distracted Petextrian" could be a card all of its own, there are so many variations on that theme.

Absent Driver bingo

© Absent Driver bingo

This is not the first bingo card we have seen; another favorite is Absent Driver Bingo, which shows how reporters avoid putting people in the car.

Then there is Bikelash Bingo, complaining about cyclists and bike lanes. Listen to Whoopi Goldberg this week, and the hilarious episode of The War on Cars podcast, and you have this card filled out in a minute. One shouldn't make light of such a serious issue, of people being killed and maimed in the streets, but we have heard these excuses so many times.