It's August, Time for the Best Tomato Pasta Ever

If you follow the seasons with your diet you will love this.

Linguini with brie and tomatoes.

Lloyd Alter

There are three things that I love about August: the Perseid meteor shower, the misty mornings, and the first serving of Linguine with Brie and Tomatoes, made from the first really good field tomatoes of the season. I have written about it before, noting:

"The trouble with that modern jet-fueled diet is that you miss the excitement of each new fresh food. I don't cook because I am married to retired Treehugger food columnist Kelly Rossiter who cooks very well and follows the Treehugger-approved local and seasonal diet. When she was still writing, we pretty much ate a 19th century Ontario diet of root vegetables all winter, so you can imagine how the first fresh asparagus tasted each spring after six months of turnips. And the first strawberry. It's like getting out of jail."

But nothing, absolutely nothing, tops the first serving of Linguine with Brie and Tomatoes. And this dish is so simple that even I could make it; you don't even cook the sauce, just chop the ingredients, put them in a bowl and let them melt altogether for a couple of hours. Boil up some pasta and you're done.

mixing pasta
 Lloyd Alter

This recipe was found originally in the famous "The Silver Palate Cookbook," and Kelly posted it on Treehugger years ago, where she noted that it's not just me:

It has become my signature dish of August. My kids love it, as do their friends. My friends love it, and everyone knows if they come to my place for a meal in August, chances are they are going to be treated to this pasta.

You can now find the recipe at Epicurious. And to double your August pleasure, here's the first morning mist:

Morning Mist in Muskoka
Morning Mist in Muskoka.  Lloyd Alter