Is This the Cutest Caterpillar Ever?

This CATerpillar really does look feline. Shinkai Takashi

This adorable caterpillar is the Mycalesis perseoides butterfly in its larval form.

Found throughout Asia, it’s drawn comparisons to Sanrio's Hello Kitty character because of the shape of its head. This has also prompted some bloggers to refer to it as a “CATerpillar.”

After maturing for about three days, the young caterpillar nibbles away at its eggshell before crawling out. Then the insect will usually devour the rest of the eggshell.

It has a cylindrical body that’s whitish in color, but it soon takes on a green hue because of its leafy diet. Its head features a pair of short rounded horns, or “cat ears.”

As the caterpillar grows, it goes through instars, or molts, five times. After its fifth instar, the insect secures itself to the underside of a leaf.

After one day, pupation takes place. The pupa is mostly green, but after about five days of development, it darkens in color. At this point, the spots of the butterfly’s wings can be seen.

The butterfly emerges on the sixth day to begin the next phase of its life cycle.

Check out some more cute caterpillar pictures below.

Mycalesis perseoides