Is There Tilapia in Your Yogurt?

Photo: Kristina D.

The morning, my friend Kristina posted on Facebook that she happened to look at the ingredients in the yogurt she was eating and commented with a big ol’ “WTH?” along with the above photos.

“I like mango salsa on a nice piece of tilapia, but I have no desire for tilapia in my mango yogurt,” she wrote.

There were many comments under her post, most of had something to do with being grossed out or wondering why fish would be in yogurt.

In this particular yogurt, the tilapia is in the gelatin that’s used to thicken it. Fish gelatin can be derived from fish bones or skin. The list of the ingredients mentions “kosher gelatin.” I did a little research on kosher gelatin, and it can come from fish and often does. It can also come from other animals considered kosher.

This isn’t unusual, but if you don't know that gelatin can come from animal products, it can be surprising to see that your morning fruit yogurt contains Tilapia (Fish) in it.

It could be more surprising to vegetarians who stay away from any food that contains ingredients derived from an animal that had to be killed. Someone new to a plant-based diet might not think to check the ingredients on dairy products like yogurt, dips, or even ice cream that can contain gelatin derived from animals.

If you’re eating vegetarian, make sure you don't assume a product meets your standards. Check the ingredients. You might be surprised. If you’re an omnivore, you might want familiarize yourself with gelatin and how it’s derived so you can better understand what’s in the food you eat.

Did you know that yogurt could contain gelatin derived from animals or fish?