Is There Really a Nutella Shortage?

It takes more than 50 hazelnuts to create one jar of Nutella. By Filipe Franca Fotografia-/Shutterstock

A global hazelnut shortage has Nutella lovers worried their favorite chocolate-hazelnut spread could disappear from store shelves, but Nutella's parent company says there’s no need for alarm.

Ferrero USA, the New Jersey-based company that makes the spread says that despite the hailstorms and frost that have plagued Turkey — where 70 percent of world’s hazelnuts are grown — Nutella won’t be impacted.

"Inclement weather last spring in Turkey has impacted this year’s hazelnut harvest," a Ferrero spokesperson said in a statement. "We are tracking this issue closely and there’s no foreseeable impact on the availability of Nutella.”

Turkey’s weather has pushed hazelnut prices up to the highest they’ve been in 10 years, and Ferrero — which uses 25 percent of the world’s hazelnut supplies — says it requires more than 50 hazelnuts to produce one jar of the spread.

"Ferrero has been in the hazelnut product business for quite some time, and I feel certain they've secured crops for their annual production needs,” Jenny McCoy, chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, told ABC News.

Nutella accounts for more than 70 percent of the sales of chocolate spreads in the U.S., with sales up 5.9 percent in 2013. Worldwide Nutella sold $2.46 billion worth of the chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Nutella isn’t the first beloved product to leave consumers worried that supplies could run low.

Earlier this year, the price of limes more than doubled after rain and bacterium affected Mexican harvests of the popular citrus fruit. While some businesses cut back on their lime usage, many simply paid higher prices and continued to offer the fruit.

In January, there was concern that the rising price of avocados could lead to a nationwide guacamole shortage, but the supplies of the Mexican dip have remained steady.