Vegan Guide to Almond Milk: How to Choose the Best Almond Milk

This vegan alternative to dairy milk comes in a variety of types and flavors.

Almond milk with almond on a wooden table.
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Almond milk is best known as a dairy alternative and has grown into a supermarket staple. Beyond its nutty flavor and creamy texture that parallels dairy milk, it can be enjoyed on its own, with your breakfast cereal, as creamer for your tea or coffee... the list goes on. Plus, the majority of almond milk available is vegan.

When shopping for almond milk, there are some things to keep in mind so you can confidently buy the most sustainable option. Here's everything you need to know about almond milk and its vegan status.

Why Almond Milk Is Vegan

Almonds and water are the primary ingredients of almond milk. However, many supermarket varieties will also have preservatives to extend their shelf life. Lecithin, for instance, is used as an emulsifier and is often sourced from sunflowers or soy. Added vitamin D2 is made by exposing mushrooms to light. Both often come from animal-free sources.

Other common ingredients in commercial almond milk include cane sugar, calcium carbonate, sea salt, potassium citrate, and vitamin A palmitate. 

The home recipe for almond milk recipe is straightforward and free of any animal-based content. To transform the nuts into milk, finely ground them together with water in a high-powered blender or food processor. Then, strain out any larger remaining almond crumbs to ensure your drink is smooth.

When Is Almond Milk Not Vegan?

While almond milk typically contains no animal products, its commercial production does require the use of animals and is worth noting.

Some people don't consider commercial almond milk vegan because bees contribute to the production process. This group argues that because hives are impacted and sometimes destroyed during the cultivation and harvesting process, as well as by pesticides used on the orchids, production is exploitative and therefore does not qualify as vegan.

Another concern with commercial almond milks is the occasional inclusion of honey as a sweetener. Thankfully, non-vegan sweeteners are typically not included in mainstream almond milk products.

Treehugger Tip

Just because it says "almond milk" doesn't necessarily mean it's vegan. Make sure to check the label for the word "vegan" and, if you can't find it, read through the ingredients list and keep an eye out for any sneaky animal products.

Types of Vegan Almond Milk

There are many brands of almond milk—from major national brands to small regional and specialty producers—as well as a wide range of flavors, ranging from vanilla to coffee, dark chocolate, strawberry, and matcha. Here are some of our favorite brands to look out for when shopping.

  • Califia Farms Almond Milk
  • Blue Diamond Almond Breeze
  • Silk Almond Milk
  • 365 Everyday Value Organic AlmondMilk
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Almond Beverage
  • Pacific Foods Organic Almond
  • Alpro Almond Milk
  • So Delicious Organic Almond Milk
  • MALK Almond Milk
  • Three Trees Organic Almond Milk
  • Orgain Organic Protein Almond Drink
  • Elmhurst Milked Almonds 
  • Publix Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Almond Dream
  • New Barn Organic Almond Milk
  • Simply Nature (ALDI) Organic Almond Beverage
  • Friendly Farms (ALDI) Almond Milk
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What brand of almond milk is vegan?

    Most major brands of almond milk are vegan, and the main ingredients of most of them are crushed almonds and water.

  • Can vegans drink almond milk?

    Yes. Most almond milks available contain only vegan ingredients. Check the label to ensure your choice variety does not contain honey or any other non-vegan ingredients.

  • Is unsweetened vanilla almond milk vegan?

    Most likely yes. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk typically contains the same ingredients as original almond milk, with perhaps a few additions to bring out the vanilla flavor. Again, check the ingredients list to confirm.