iRecycle iPhone App Makes Local Recycling a Breeze

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Image via Earth911

Earth911 has put out a neat iPhone app that makes recycling locally super simple, telling you exactly what you can recycle and where to take it when you're ready to send it off. From Earth911:

Compatible with both iPhone and iTouch, iRecycle brings you’s national, comprehensive database of over 100,000 recycling and proper disposal locations for over 200 products at the touch of a button. Whether you need to recycle motor oil and CFLs in San Francisco or rechargeable batteries and paint in Washington, DC, iRecycle can connect you with real, local options.

Even when you think you're eco-savvy, sometimes you still find yourself asking, "Can I recycle this? If so...who takes it?" Kinda cool your phone can now answer that for you. The app tells you not only what and where, but even the hours of operation of the facilities and directions on how to get there. Check out Earth911 for download details. And, it's free!

Via press release.