Inventor Turns Amaryllis Bulb Into Morse Code Machine (Video)

amaryllis plant with metal clip on leaves near bulb

Migrated Image / oh6dccw / amaryllistelegraphiensis

For people who have a thing for Morse code, you might want to make sure you have a plant like this sitting on your desk. This tongue-in-cheek invention is called the Amaryllis telegraphiensis.

The inventor calls it an exceedingly rare species that must be carefully bred and well-tended. Diligent owners will find they have, in their possession, an amazing cyborg of amaryllis. One that can send telegrams!

Check out how the inventor OH6DC, turned the bulb's stem into a sideswipe CW key. The creator loves to find new, crazy ways to reuse old gadgets and materials. Of the many cool projects, we loved this one that incorporates a bit of living nature into it.

Great inspiration for random, creative projects to dream up with a few old bits and pieces of gadgetry.