Inventor Creates a Rubik's Cube That Solves Itself

A self-solving Rubik's Cube. Human Controller/YouTube

Have you ever hopelessly fiddled with a Rubik's Cube only to tear off the stickers in frustration, and redistribute them to make it look like you solved it? Well, now there's a high-tech version of this cheater's strategy: a Rubik's Cube that can actually solve itself.

A Japanese YouTuber and inventor has fitted a Rubik's Cube with electronics and robotics. After the popular puzzle toy is re-arranged, the cheat code activates and it begins to rotate, one step at a time, until it is solved. You can watch a cube solve itself in the video above.

The inventor also included a detailed blog post about exactly how he fitted the toy with intricate electronics. Needless to say, this was not a simple operation, and it's fairly impressive that the completed device can so subtly sit inside a Rubik's Cube without fettering up how the toy functions. It's not clear what would be more impressive for the inventor, solving the Rubik's Cube himself, or the clever engineering that went into his invention.

For everyone else who might use this device, it might make for a good party trick, but don't expect much gratification.

That said, the self-solving Cube might have some educational value. If you're stumped by any Rubik's Cube with even a minor amount of twists to it, studying how this device solves itself might help you to get better at solving the puzzle yourself over time. In this way, it's at least a little bit more noble than the old sticker-peeling-and-redistributing-them trick.