Interview With "Who Killed the Electric Car?" Contributor

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We've had a sneek peek at "Who Killed the Electric Car?" on TreeHugger TV, and have interviewed electric car enthusiast Paul Scott; now, the folks over at AutoblogGreen have taken it a step further. They recently had a chance to chat with Chelsea Sexton, who used to work for GM before someone killed the electric car and she was laid off. She's featured in the upcoming film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" about the odd and controversial demise of the EV1, and she knows the answer to the question asked by the film's title. She mentions the strange coincidence (or is it?) that GM donated the only intact EV1 to the Smithsonian (which we covered here), along with $10 million, just to pull it from the museum on the eve of the movie's release, but remains coyly tight-lipped about the real killer(s). Ms. Sexton, as a former insider on the project, has some good insight into the car and its demise, and the interview is worth reading; as for finding out who really killed the electric car, we'll all just have to go see the film. ::"Who Killed the Electric Car?" via ::AutoblogGreen
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