Internet Meme 'Lil Bub' Fronts PETA Campaign

Mike Bridavsky and his famous cat, Lil Bub, often do meet and greets to raise money for animal shelters. (Photo: Mark Ralston/Getty Images)

While Grumpy Cat courts Hollywood with the hopes of a live action film, there's another just-as-popular Internet cat using its fame to help fellow furballs in need.

"Lil Bub," the adorable cat often referred to as "the cutest in the world" is fronting a new ad campaign for PETA urging people to adopt, as well as spay and neuter their pets. The two-year-old feline was adopted herself by Mike Bridavsky, who started showing off his new family member on Facebook and quickly discovered massive public adoration.

“When you post something on Facebook and you get 20 likes ... There are studies done about the endorphin rush you get from that,” he said in a recent interview. “But when you post something and you get 10,000 comments, you’re like, 'What is going on?'"

Lil Bub's characteristic adorable looks are actually due to her classification as a perma-kitten, with unique genetic deformities that cause dwarfism, an underdeveloped jaw, toothless mouth, and eyes that bulge out of her head. Other than that, however, she leads a perfectly healthy - and very famous - life. Besides her new promo with PETA, she's also the star of a new documentary by VICE Films about the Internet cat phenomenon, has a book deal with Penguin, and a Web series with Animal Planet.

"Lil Bub is a very special, one-of-a-kind cat who found herself a victim of the companion-animal overpopulation crisis," writes PETA. "The runt of an otherwise healthy litter of an outdoor stray, Bub began her life homeless. After ending up at a shelter, her foster family struggled to find her a home. Luckily, her 'dude' came along and adopted (and spayed!) her, and the rest is Internet history."