Interior Designer Simplifies Life in Her Own Tiny Home

This young woman decided to go tiny after carefully considering her options.

Interior image of a tiny house by Sydne Gold, showcasing the kitchen, living area, and Gold sitting on a couch.

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Many people of the younger generations worry about how housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Contrary to stereotypes, younger people are not necessarily the careless spendthrifts wasting their money on lattes and avocado toasts, but rather have been confronted with one setback after another -- economic recessions, stagnant wages, and ballooning student debt—all of which have affected their ability to afford the astronomically rising price tag of a conventionally built home.

Young people like Fort Worth, Dallas-based interior designer Sydne Gold have, in fact, thought long and hard about conventional homeownership as previous generations have defined it. Yet, even after careful consideration, and doing all the "right" things like saving up money for a home, Gold eventually realized that designing and living in her own tiny home was actually a better fit for her, rather than owning a typical single-family home. We get a tour of her carefully designed tiny world via Tiny Home Tours:

As Gold explains, transitioning from an apartment to a tiny house was easy and made sense for her:

"I was saving a bit of money and was looking into buying a house or condo, looking for that next step. I was living in a one-bedroom apartment at the time and not really using every square inch of that apartment. I was paying all this rent per square footage, but not using all of the square footage, and [thinking] 'do I really need this much space'? Most of the furniture I had was to mostly [fill up] the space. So the downsizing part was pretty easy for me. So I used a six-month tactic, [where] if I haven't touched it in six months, [then] I got rid of it."

The tiny house's exterior features wood siding, done with a modern aesthetic and profile. There is some artificial greenery around the bottom of the home to hide the wheels underneath.

Exterior image of a tiny house by Sydne Gold, focusing on the front with stairs leading to the door.

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The interior has been designed in a way that creates distinct zones that function almost like separate rooms, yet is all visually connected. High ceilings are the emphasis here, in addition to integrating as much hidden storage as possible.

Interior image of a tiny house by Sydne Gold, with view of the kitchen and stairs leading to the top.

Tiny Home Tours

We enter the laundry room area first. This space was designed with a separate washer and dryer in mind, as Gold didn't want the longer drying times of a combination washer-dryer. The long counter here serves as a place to not only fold clothes but as a place to sort groceries or papers. The wooden screen structure here provides a sense of spatial separation, without closing the area off completely.

Interior image of a tiny house by Sydne Gold showing the laundry area and a door.

Tiny Home Tours

The raised level of the living room platform subtly suggests a change of space, while also providing an opportunity for some underfloor drawers on both ends of the living room.

Interior image of a tiny house by Sydne Gold, showing a pair of hands opening a drawer near the floor storing shoes

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The living room's design is centered around a vibrant painting on one wall, and a large television on the other, since Gold is an avid watcher of films and television shows. The scheme also factors in some of Gold's furniture from her old apartment, like the convertible couch-bed, and a storage ottoman. The omission of windows here means more privacy, yet ample sunlight pours in via the overhead skylight.

Interior of a tiny house by Sydne Gold showing Gold sitting on a gray couch in front of a TV.

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This swiveling tabletop is one of Gold's favorite things in the house, as it serves as a strategic place for her to work, eat (while watching television), or prepare food.

Interior of a tiny house by Sydne Gold, showing gold holding a laptop on a pull-out desk near the kitchen and sofa.

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The kitchen is simply gorgeous and includes a long counter outfitted with a farmhouse sink, a compact dishwasher and refrigerator, microwave, portable cooktop, and open shelving to display her dishes.

Interior of a tiny house by Sydne Gold, spotlighting the kitchen and bathroom

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Beyond the kitchen sits the bathroom, which also has a lot of storage cabinets, and a nook for washing up.

Interior of a tiny house by Sydne Gold, showcasing the bathroom sink and mirror.

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The shower is almost spa-like, thanks to its larger size, and the use of natural-looking and patterned materials.

Interior of a tiny house by Sydne Gold spotlighting the inside of the shower

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Back into the kitchen and up the stairs, which have integrated storage drawers, we come into the bedroom loft, which features a section where one can stand up and access the closet. To keep things feeling open, there is a picture window and a skylight. Of course, there is an extra television here where Gold can watch films in bed.

Interior of a tiny house by Sydne Gold focusing on the bed area

Tiny Home Tours

Gold's tiny house is really an expression of who she is, and is a result of her conscientious thinking about the current housing market, and how wasteful it can be:

"I was looking at the housing market pre-COVID, when the housing market wasn't the way it is now, looking at the resale value, and [I probably would have needed] to buy a three-bedroom house in a good school district. I didn't have kids, so I didn't think I was at that point. If I could barely occupy my one-bedroom apartment, how am I going to occupy a three-bedroom house, and what's the efficiency of that, [with] money going to waste with heating and cooling that house."

In the end, Gold's smart use of level changes, high ceilings, and storage everywhere has helped to create a space that really feels well-designed, and a home that is uniquely hers to enjoy and thrive in. To see more, visit her Instagram.