ZenLight LED: Japanese Tradition with Photo and Motion Sensors (Video)

Datexx ZenLight LED photo

Image credit: Datexx
3W LED Lamp Detects Movement
Before I started writing for TreeHugger, I never knew how excited people could get about LED lighting. I'm more of a compost guy myself. Whether it's this 9W LED bulb replacement for incandescents, or this remote controlled tunable LED Bulb from Sharp, posts about LEDs (even ugly ones) create both traffic and discussion here at TreeHugger. I wonder if this will be the case for the ZenLight LED - a lighting solution for hallways and bathrooms that adjusts to lighting conditions and motion to provide light when needed.

The Datexx ZenLight LED doesn't seem to be a product designed for everyday lighting, but it certainly looks like a step above your average night light (retailing at $40 it had better be!). Photo detectors mean that the light starts emitting a low glow at dusk, and when it detects motion it automatically brightens for full illumination.

The photos look like the ZenLight has a sleek, modern elegance, and the designers tell us that the lighting is filtered through Japanese rice paper for a soft, tranquil glow. Of course that's hard to judge from press releases, websites and videos - but it's nice to see folks putting time into the aesthetics of LEDs, as well as the efficiency. The video below shows the Datexx ZenLight in action, though I suspect that YouTube is not the best medium for showing off lighting technologies...

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