Zak Designs Confetti - Recycled Melamine


Released into the wild a few month back was the Confetti range from Zak Designs. Very sharp looking homewares made from recycled melamine. Melamine is very durable plastic with a tight crystalline structure that for the most part resists the staining, delaminating, and pitting that is common to other plastics. I have a bowl that has been on every overnight outdoor trip I've made in the past 24 years. And it still looks like new. It is quite a tricky thing to recycle brittle, thermoset plastics like Melamine (and the ABS found in most computers and peripherals), so hats off to Zak Designs, for their patent pending process. But we find their press release of earlier this year somewhat disingenuous, when they state, "As a global company, Zak Designs has always maintained a strong commitment to the Earth and the environment." Particularly given that was the sole environmental statement we could find on their entire website. And nowhere do they indicate if the recycled content is post-industrial or post-consumer. Maybe it is just their production waste reprocessed. We do like showcasing greener products here, but also welcome a greater degree of transparency from companies claiming a 'a strong commitment to the environment.' Oddly the range is not on their web, but Amazon, amongst others, have been selling it. ::Zak Designs. via Great Green Goods.

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