Yummy Yumi & Laurie BlanQuettes

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The new, 100% organic cotton and bambo blend towels/wraps/blanQuettes by Yumi and Laurie offer an eco-friendly towel with multiple colors and patterns on each towel - something not often seen in the world of eco-friendly homewares. The designs are inspired by a recent trip to Asia and the blanQuettes are large enough to cuddle up with on the couch or use as another layer in bed during those cold winter nights. In five different designs and an additional four color patterns for each design, you're sure to find a pattern to match any room in your house. Colors vary from very light to rich, dark colors and look like they could also double as a floor rug. Several of the themes look like they were inspired by the seashore with swirls and stars that are reminiscent of starfish. The wraps are antimicrobial and can also be specially purchased by spa owners to throw a little color into their relaxing environment.

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BlanQuettes are 6'6" by 4'9" and retail for $225. Bonus: All blanQuettes are 20% off until December 31st. :Yumi & Laurie blanQuette
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