Wretched Excess Comes To The Bedroom

Mies Van der Rohe said "Less is more"; Robert Venturi said "Less is a bore"; Morris Lapidus said "Too much is never enough". For years, TreeHugger has been showing ways to make the bed disappear; instead, the trend appears to be the exact opposite, to make the bed a center of attention.

For those in the Lapidus school of interior design (he did Miami's Fountainbleu, the definition of wretched excess), we offer the 650 gallon aquarium bed, cheap at $ 11,500.

Earthquake bedDiginfo/Promo image

Also making the rounds of Inhabitat and Grist is the Wood Luck bed from Japan, that is designed to withstand 65 tons of pressure. Cheap at $ 5,600.

Traditionally in Japan, people slept on a futon that was folded up and put away, allowing the room to be used for other purposes. It was light and could be aired out easily. That's the trend we should be emulating.

Wretched Excess Comes To The Bedroom
Beds designed to be earthquake proof and that put you inside an aquarium

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